Foot Care: Fun Facts for Your Feet

Every pair of feet deserves special care and attention. If you struggle with plantar fasciitis, bunions, arch pain or pronation, there’s great advice available online. In the meantime, here are some foot health tips to keep your feet happy and healthy:

  • Find Your Current Foot Size and Width
    It’s a little known fact, our feet change over time and with different life circumstances. Health challenges, aging and pregnancy can influence the size you wear. Allow our customer service representatives to assess where you are today, so you take each step with confidence and comfort.

  • What We Eat Affects Our Feet
    We have no problem associating what we eat with weight loss or heart health. However, our feet are still connected to the rest of our body. Refined grains, sugar and trans fats can lead to inflammation, and lead to pain. Try choosing foods like salmon and avocado that provide valuable omega-3s.

    Give Those Piggies Some Love

    We often forget how much our feet do for us. Treat yourself to a pedicure, reflexology session or simply give yourself a foot rub to increase circulation. Toe nails should be cut straight across, avoiding the corners and sides. Those with diabetes or heart problems should not treat their own feet because they are more prone to infection.

  • Don’t Ignore the Pain
    Foot pain is not normal. Visiting a podiatric physician can help pin-point what’s happening and how it can be resolved. Sites such as offer comprehensive information about foot conditions, sports injuries, foot health for diabetes, and an online shop with products that help treat or prevent foot pain.

  • Be Careful in the Sand and Sun
    At the beach or when wearing sandals, always use sunblock on your feet. The skin on our feet is very delicate and prone to burns. While walking in the sand might feel fabulous, be cautious of injuries and infections that occur frequently from those tiny pieces of sand.

  • Choose Proper Shoes for Different Occasions
    When we find a pair of shoes that look and feel great, we often want to wear them every single day. Select the right shoe for the activity in which you’re engaged, and be sure to alternate shoes regularly to give the feet a new environment in which they thrive.

*Always consult your podiatrist or physician if you suffer from persistent pain or a medical condition. These foot care tips are not a substitute for medical care.