Top Materials and Trends for Spring 2017

Decorative materials are a big trend this season.  Floral multi’s, stripes and jewel adornments are very on trend.  Strappy hook & loop closure sandals for maximum adjustability are featured in many lines.  Sport sandals are a big category for spring 2017. 

The ghillie tie is the hottest footwear style this season.  Featured in flats like the Earthies Essen, wedge sandals  like the OTBT Nomadic or the beautiful Munro Jillie pump.

Color is everywhere this spring.  Red and blue are important bold colors and taupe & pewter continue to be wonderful neutral colors in shooties and sandals.

 The cork footbed continues to be very popular and has been shown in most lines.  This has been attributed to the resurgence of Birkenstock- which is still one of the most sought after lines in footwear.