Shoes on a Budget | What to Buy When You're Pinching Pennies

The holidays have come and gone and right about now is when all of those dreaded credit card bills are coming due. Now is definitely a good time to tighten the belt and find a way to get what you need on a shoestring budget (hehehe, see what we did there?).

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Just because you're on a budget, though, doesn't mean your shoe wardrobe has to suffer. Here are some things to think about when your shoe budget is dwindling.

Shoes on a Budget

1. Versatility

If you can afford to buy only one pair of shoes this month, make sure it's a pair that will serve you well. A simple pair of black flats will give you a lot more bang for your buck than that fun and funky leopard print pair that you're dying to have. When you're on a budget, practicality is the name of the game. Choose something comfortable that you'll get a lot of use out of and you'll feel confident it was money well-spent.

2. Quality

When times are tight, it may feel like a smart move to buy a pair from the bargain basement. In order to make your shoes last forever, you should first buy good quality shoes. That cheap pair of pumps will hurt your feet and collect dust in the closet until you finally decide to give them away. Even if they're comfortable, cheap shoes wear out faster and as you watch them fall apart around your poor unprotected feet, you'll think of your hard-earned money going down the drain.

If you don't have the money to spend on quality shoes, just wait. Save your pennies and buy that nice pair you've been wanting next month when you've got a little more in your wallet.

3. Style

They say it takes money to make money, and this old adage extends into the world of shoes, as well. When times are tight, the shoes you should not feel at all guilty about buying are the ones that you're going to wear to work everyday. You need those shoes to make your living and your bottom line will be happy you decided to make the investment.

For some of us this means investing in a healthy pair of clogs, others need fashionable pumps, others need practical athletic wear. Whatever your line of work requires, spend what you need to get the job done.

What shoes do you buy when you're pinching pennies? Share your ideas in the comments!

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