Shoe Resolutions: How to Take Your Shoes Into the New Year

It's the first of the year and time to start thinking about New Years' Resolutions. So often our commitments for the new year involve some aspect of our appearance that we want to change -- lose a few pounds, commit to a skin care regimen, take up a fitness routine. One of the best things about shoes is that they allow us to love our feet unconditionally. Usually our beloved feet are accepted for what they are and they're exempt from those self-improvement New Years' Resolutions.

Shoe New Years Resolutions

We can, though, turn over a new leaf when it comes to our shoes! Here are some ways to move into the new year with some positive, feel-good practices for your shoes.

Shoe Resolutions for 2015

1. Shoe storage

Are you committing to a new organized-home routine for the new year? Include shoe storage and organization in your plan for getting neat and tidy. There are lots of simple and creative ways to keep your shoes in line. Check out our previous post on the topic for some great ideas.

2. Shoe care

Take some time this January to figure out a shoe care routine. Whether your daily-wears are classic leather pumps or canvas sneakers, shoes that see that much action need a regular dose of TLC. Stock up on shoe polish, purchase new laces, and find that perfect shoe-washing soap. Pull out the shoes you wear less frequently and spruce them up. Run sneakers through the washing machine, apply a layer of moisturizing oil to your leather boots and stuff some newspaper in the toes of your summer shoes to help them keep their shape during the off-season.

3. Make some decisions.

While you've got those shoes out of the closet getting spruced up and organized, take a serious look at them. Do you have four pairs of black boots? Are those leopard print pumps you loved so much when you bought them no longer seeing the action they deserve? Do you really need a new pair of running shoes? As you're surveying your closet, think about the fashion statements you really want to make in 2015. Just as important as deciding what to get rid of is deciding what new things to buy!

At their best, New Years' Resolutions are all about moving into the new year with consciousness and self-awareness. By extending that same thoughtful attitude into thoughts about your shoe wardrobe, you're certain to make 2015 your best year yet!

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