Holiday Party Shoes You Can Walk In

The winter season is back bringing with it colder weather, flavored coffee drinks and holiday parties. Whether you're attending a festive get together with a few friends or a business holiday celebration you want to know that you can be cute and comfortable in your shoes for the entire night.

We have all had those nights where our outfits looked amazing but by the time the party came to a close we left with an aching head and sore feet. Finding holiday party shoes that will keep you cute and comfortable is a definite challenge. Here are our suggestions for holiday party shoes.


Lace Textured Pump for Holidays

One sure way to add elegance to any look is to incorporate different textures. Velvet, glitter and lace can dress up any outfit. Don't be afraid to mix and match these different textures, too. Sometimes a variety of textures can add a pop of intrigue and make the outfit seem even more striking.


Red Heels - Fun Shoes

Sometimes the key piece to any outfit is the splash of color that transforms it into something special. When it comes to shoes, you want to use color to create balance. No matter how comfortable those worn-in brown pumps are, they're not going to go with an elegant black dress. If that dress that has gold accents, though, you might pair it with a set of red high heels to bring in a refreshing and festive pop of color.


Black Lace-Up Shoes

Let's face it, we all have those pairs of shoes that look sophisticated and classy but are just impossible to walk around in all night. Unless your holiday party plans include door-to-door service in a limousine, you should leave those uncomfortable shoes at home. However, there are certain styles that are just as comfortable as they are stylish. Wedge heels give you the leg-lengthening height you're looking for, while still ensuring that your foot has adequate support to make it through the night. Flats can be stylish, too, when worn in an eye-catching color.

As you're attending your holiday events this year, make sure your feet have just as much fun as you're having. They've got to carry you around all night and you'll be grateful if you treat them well.

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