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Last week we wrote a post about how much we love the color gray. Truly, gray is one of the most versatile and useful colors to have in your shoe wardrobe.

And though we're still committed to our love for gray, we recognize that sometimes your shoe selection needs a little bit of spicing up. The best way to bring a some life and energy into your shoe wardrobe is with color! What you may sacrifice in versatility and flexibility, you'll gain in energy, interest and fun -- just the thing to help you get through the dreary days of winter that are currently upon us.

Here are some of our favorite colorful shoes.

Solid Color Flats or Pumps

If the rest of your wardrobe tends toward classic, subtle (dare we say boring?) styles, a pair of shoes with a pop of color can be the perfect thing to spice up your look. Pair a black dress with a pair of purple pumps. Liven up your jeans and cardigan combo with some fun lime green flats. Choosing a color far outside of your typical color palette means you won't have to worry about blending various shades of a similar color or making sure your blacks match. What's more, today's fresh, modern colors look equally polished with black, brown, gray or denim.

And though you may think you won't get a lot of use out of those bright orange ballet flats, we're convinced you'll be pulling them out of the closet again and again!

Athletic Shoes

Nothing screams fun, youthful energy like a pair of colorful running shoes.

colorful running athletic shoes

With shoes this exciting, we're certain you'll be all the more likely to lace up and hit the pavement running!

Handpainted Shoes

Express your artistic side with a pair of hand-painted shoes like these adorable Mary Janes.

hand painted custom shoes

Whether you take paintbrush in hand yourself or express the designs of other, perhaps more talented, artists, you're sure to make a statement in fun, colorful shoes like these.

What are some of your favorite fresh colors for spicing up your shoe wardrobe? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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