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  • Shoes on a Budget | What to Buy When You're Pinching Pennies

    The holidays have come and gone and right about now is when all of those dreaded credit card bills are coming due. Now is definitely a good time to tighten the belt and find a way to get what you need on a shoestring budget (hehehe, see what we did there?).

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    Just because you're on a budget, though, doesn't mean your shoe wardrobe has to suffer. Here are some things to think about when your shoe budget is dwindling. Continue reading

  • Shoes That Pop | Favorite Colorful Shoes

    Last week we wrote a post about how much we love the color gray. Truly, gray is one of the most versatile and useful colors to have in your shoe wardrobe.

    And though we're still committed to our love for gray, we recognize that sometimes your shoe selection needs a little bit of spicing up. The best way to bring a some life and energy into your shoe wardrobe is with color! What you may sacrifice in versatility and flexibility, you'll gain in energy, interest and fun -- just the thing to help you get through the dreary days of winter that are currently upon us. Continue reading

  • The Most Versatile Color of the Season | Favorite Gray Shoes

    Gray is a color that is making a huge comeback. We're ecstatic to see this understated, versatile color come back into style and we're finding all kinds of ways of mixing it into our wardrobe. Gray is particularly fantastic for shoes that go the distance. Grey shoes go with everything in a beautifully subtle way.

    Here are some exciting and diverse way to incorporate gray shoes into your wardrobe. Continue reading

  • How to Make Your Shoes Last Forever

    So, you're starting the new year off right, and your shoes are no exception. You've taken stock of your closet, you got a few new pairs for Christmas and you're ready to watch your shoe wardrobe carry you through a happy and confident 2015.

    organize your shoes

    How to make sure those shoes last you through the year and beyond? Here are our best tips for how to make your shoes last forever. Continue reading

  • Shoe Resolutions: How to Take Your Shoes Into the New Year

    It's the first of the year and time to start thinking about New Years' Resolutions. So often our commitments for the new year involve some aspect of our appearance that we want to change -- lose a few pounds, commit to a skin care regimen, take up a fitness routine. One of the best things about shoes is that they allow us to love our feet unconditionally. Usually our beloved feet are accepted for what they are and they're exempt from those self-improvement New Years' Resolutions.

    Shoe New Years Resolutions

    We can, though, turn over a new leaf when it comes to our shoes! Here are some ways to move into the new year with some positive, feel-good practices for your shoes. Continue reading

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